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Business Plan Direction

We've built a few businesses, and we're ready to help you build yours. From an idea to an operating business, the first thing you need is a solid business plan to plant your idea in and grow from there. Our expert team will consult with you to help you make that happen. 

Kitchen Design

Part of a successful restaurant is dependent upon a practical and operational kitchen design. We've spent some time in the kitchen, and will be able to put together a design to work with YOUR business to help your team work with maximum efficiency. 

Menu Development

Our Corporate Executive Chef team loves putting together menus for our clients. Really serious about pasta? Leaning toward a vegan crowd? Passionate about seafood? We know that your menu is where your heart is, and we'll make sure it matches your company's wants and needs. 

Corporate Dining

PB&J Restaurants is in a position to help you make a difference in the health and well being of your guests and employees.

There is a strong case for employers to keep their associates healthy, although currently, employers are generally under-utilized as a setting for promoting health, especially in the area of offering healthy eating choices.

PB&J Restaurants is changing the community dining experience by focusing on healthy farm fresh locally grown foods. In partnership with Good Natured Family Farms, an alliance of 150 local family farms, PB&J Restaurants menu features locally grown fruits and vegetables, all-natural meats, farmhouse cheeses, local honey, farm fresh milk, and other locally grown and seasonally produce foods.

Through a combination of chef selected healthy foods and GNFF locally grown foods, PB&J Restaurants offers a food service option that will save you dollars in the long run and estimated to provide cost savings of 2-3 times its’ investment (

PB&J Restaurants Healthy & Local food service program is a natural compliment to your community’s ‘culture of wellness’ programs such as walking, reduce smoking, weight loss, fitness, and other wellness activities.

Healthcare costs are now viewed as a significant financial concern. Community wellness programs are proven to positively affect a company’s bottom line. PB&J Restaurants can help you build a culture of healthy eating in your community.